Čiegis, Remigijus

  • Volume 35, Number 3 - Original Articles
    A theoretical assessment impact of economic growth on the income inequality
    Abstract  PDF
  • Volume 33 - Original Articles
    Theoretical assessment systems of influence of economic growth to sustainable development
    Abstract  PDF
  • Volume 26 - Original Articles
    Integrated assessment of sustainable development: lithuanian case
    Abstract  PDF
  • Volume 27 - Original Articles
    Macroeconomic indicators system for economic welfare measuring
    Abstract  PDF
  • Volume 29 - Original Articles
    Assessment of sustainable economic development evualation systems
    Abstract  PDF
  • Volume 21 - Original Articles
    The consept sustainable economic development and indicators assessment
    Abstract  PDF
  • Volume 24 - Original Articles
    Food security: chalenges for European unijon countries
    Abstract  PDF
  • Volume 16 - Original Articles
    Development of sustainable agriculture in Lithuania
    Abstract  PDF
  • Volume 7 - Original Articles
    The impact of institutional change on sustainable agriculture
    Abstract  PDF

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