Makutėnienė, Daiva

  • Volume 25 - Original Articles
    Effects of genetically modified products market on manufacturers and consumers: theoretical approach
    Abstract  PDF
  • Volume 27 - Original Articles
    The change of the Lithuanian inhabitants‘ attitude towards genetically modified products
    Abstract  PDF
  • Volume 20 - Original Articles
    Assessment of the impact of external factos on farmers' motivation for organic farming
    Abstract  PDF
  • Volume 22 - Original Articles
    Commercial fish farming industry factors affecting productivity
    Abstract  PDF
  • Volume 14 - Original Articles
    Small and medium sized business financing possibilities and peculiarities in rural
    Abstract  PDF
  • Volume 37, Number 2 - Original Articles
    The trends of technical, environmental and resource efficiency across agricultural sectors of European countries
    Abstract  PDF
  • Volume 38, Number 3 - Original Articles
    Energy-related carbon dioxide emissions and environmental efficiency in the European Union agriculture: comparison of different benchmarking techniques
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