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Original Articles

Energy-related carbon dioxide emissions and environmental efficiency in the European Union agriculture: comparison of different benchmarking techniques PDF
Tomas Baležentis, Daiva Makutėnienė 192-206
The evaluation of cereal farms using ecological footprint method PDF
Kęstutis Biekša 207-218
Simulation of organic farming development PDF
Aiste Galnaitytė, Irena Kriščiukaitienė 219-229
Comparative advantages in international trade of Ukraine’s agriculture PDF
Nataliia Karasova 230-238
Innovative alternative agricultural formations in Ukraine PDF
Yuriy Kyrylov, Victoriya Hranovska 239-251
The impact of RDP 2007–2013 measure implementation on Lithianian rural PDF
Gediminas Kuliešis, Lina Pareigienė 252-260
The optimal tax system of the farmers formation PDF
Astrida Miceikienė, Erika Besusparienė 261-272
Multifunctional development of territories: innovative approaches to management PDF
Maria Plotnikova 273-280
The evaluation of marketing asset influence on the effectiveness of international companies PDF
Roman Ponomarenko 281-294
The differentiation of gender wage in the Baltic states PDF
Violeta Šilingienė, Gintautas Radvila 295-312

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