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Original Articles

The factors of milk revenue change in Lithuania: index decomposition analysis based on the Shapley value PDF
Tomas Baležentis, Irena Kriščiukaitienė 8-17
Determinants of non–financial corporations‘ loan interest rates in Lithuania PDF
Aida Barkauskaitė 17-25
Model of market penetration into the service sector PDF
Rolandas Drejeris, Antanas Kavolynas 26-37
Agricultural tax fiscal efficiency in Poland PDF
Paweł Felis 38-47
Communicational aspects of language, culture and traditions PDF
Jonas Jonušas 48-59
Control as an effective implementation of the national target program PDF
Lubov Khudoliy, Victoria Voitsekhivska 60-69
Forming the paradigm of competitive development of the Ukrainian agricultural sector under conditions of globalization PDF
Yuri Kyrylov 70-79
Evaluating the importance of financial and non-financial indicators for the evaluation of company’s performance PDF
Inta Kotane 80-94
The assessment of agricultural sector in Turkey and selected EU countries PDF
Irena Kriščiukaitienė, Virginia Namiotko, Ahmet Ali Koç 95-102
Evaluation of the student adaptation programme in respect to study quality PDF
Rita Mičiulienė, Albinas Pugevičius, Daiva Pugevičienė 103-113
Oligopsony power in agricultural market: the case of the Lithuanian raw milk market PDF
Aldona Stalgienė, Andrej Jedik 114-121
Farm diversification decision-making stages PDF
Jurgita Zaleckienė 122-134
Harvest prediction model based on public data for large regions PDF
Andrius Zuoza, Aurelijus Kazys Zuoza, Audrius Gargasas 135-140

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