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Development of agricultural advisory services in Estonia PDF
Merry Aart-Jüriado, Jüri Lehtsaar, Ülle Kerner, Peedu Zeiger, Maire Nurmet, Rando Värnik 13-16
Peculiarities of consulting outsourcing in ariculture PDF
Rūta Adamonienė, Violeta Šilingiene 17-21
Culture of living reflect the consumption of recreation services PDF
Jūratė Aleksonienė, Feliksas Klupšas 22-24
Strategic management process: paradigm of rules formulation PDF
Jonas Andriuščenka 25-29
The impact of institutional change on sustainable agriculture PDF
Remigijus Čiegis, Raimundė Matiušaitytė 30-33
Analysis of human resources of a learning organization PDF
Piotr Cymanow 34-36
Development of the critical thinking of agricultural business managers in the context of the axiological logics PDF
Sigitas Daukilas 37-40
Regulation of heat supply utilities and the related problems in the territories of local governments PDF
Ingūna Gabrāne 41-44
Improvement of marketing tools in rural tourism business PDF
Audrius Gargasas, Kęstutis Ramanauskas 45-48
Importance of raw materials for sugar industry in Poland PDF
Danuta Gonet 49-51
Analysis of risk factors on activity innovations PDF
Živilė Juknienė 52-54
Entrepreneurship development in mazowsze voivodship PDF
Halina Kałuża 55-58
Farmer’s economy size and performance PDF
Zenonas Kazakevičius 59-61
Impact of e-business on the effectiveness of enterprise performance PDF
Angelė Kėdaitienė 62-64
The topicalities of the employees’ activities evaluation PDF
Feliksas Klupšas 65-67
The solutions of the payment problems in lithuanian agricultural companies PDF
Feliksas Klupšas 68-71
A look at biotechnology at formation of innovative strategies PDF
Arimantas Bronislovas Knašas 72-76
Controlling in territorial units PDF
Artur J. Kozuch 77-79
A new look at the agricultural and rural co-operative movement PDF
Antoni Kozuch, Zofia Koloszko-Chomentowska 80-82
Managing public organisations and rural development PDF
Barbara Kozuch 83-85
Waste farming as opportunity for entrepreneurial activities PDF
Mait Kriipsalu, Ülle Kerner 86-88
The entrepreunership of farmers under new market conditions PDF
Pranas Markevičius 89-92
Agricultural real estate market in poland in the years 1992-2005 PDF
Renata Marks-Bielska, Roman Kisiel 93-95
Knowledge management-based agricultural cooperation polic98y in Lithuania PDF
Rasa Melnikienė, Dalia idickienė 96-99
The system of limited amounts in milk production in Poland PDF
Danuta Mierzwa 100-102
Crediting as an instrument of the enterprise development in rural areas PDF
Agata Mirończuk 103-105
Rural development and agricultural support reforms in Poland: annotations and discussions PDF
Vieslav Musial 106-108
Owner´s equity in co-operatives PDF
Viia Parts, Anu-Ell Visberg, Inno Kalberg 109-111
Management and legal aspects of individual enterprises PDF
Dalia Perkumienė, Asta Raupelienė, Laura Lazarevaitė 112-114
The management of current assets elements PDF
Bożena Piechowicz 115-117
Coaching as a new method of improving personnel qualifications in Polish companies PDF
Agnieszka Piotrowska 118-120
Income stability and incentives to produce under cap reform implementation in Lithuania PDF
Gediminas Radzevičius, Eglė Stonkutė 121-123
Problems of the evaluation of economical viability PDF
Rolandas Rakštys, Evaldas Serva 124-126
The development of cooperatives under conditions of globalization PDF
Julius Ramanauskas 127-129
Impact of the technology platform of the agriculture and food industry upon development of the coopeartion PDF
Julius Ramanauskas, Angelė Kėdaitiene, Jadvyga Ramanauskienė 130-132
Aspects of agricultural manager training PDF
Julius Ramanauskas, Jadvyga Ramanauskienė 133-135
The possibilities for co-operation to up-grade tourism and regional products in Lithuania PDF
Rasa Rukuižienė 136-138
Evaluation of the structural possibilities at farms in Lithuania by linear programming PDF
Rasa Rukuižienė 139-141
Problems of the development of Lithuanian higher education PDF
Algimantas Sakalas, Bronius Neverauskas 142-144
Organic farming practices in Lithuania PDF
Virgilijus Skulskis, Emilija Kairytė, Romualdas Zemeckis 145-147
Prospects of customs policy when Lithuania became EU member PDF
Astrida Slavickienė, Dalia Jatkūnaitė 148-150
The algorithm for determination of biological assets fair value PDF
Neringa Stončiuvienė, Danutė Zinkevičienė 151-154
How Lithuanian farmers expect to develop their business in EU PDF
Eglė Stonkutė, Pranas Žukauskas 155-159
Key concepts influencing the development of micro, small and medium enterprises PDF
Solvita Vitola, Andra Zvirbule-Berzina 160-164
The development of business organization managers in Lithuania PDF
Povilas Zakarevičius 165-169
Acitve instruments of entrepreneurship supporting by self – government PDF
Wanda Zaremba 170-172
Remodeling cooperative sector in transitional agriculture: case of Ukraine PDF
Vitalij Zinovčuk 173-176
Teorical aspects of interest rates risk management PDF
Nijolė Žaltauskienė 177-180
Peticuliarities of the bookkeeping teaching in the small business management PDF
Valentina Artyomova, Nina Boteva 181-183
The expansion of dwelling accessibility and personal income estimation on the base of the hypothecary lending PDF
Ana Asonkova 184-186
Restructuring of the retailing companies on the business-units’ principle PDF
Evgeniy Belianskiy 187-190
Socioeconomic strategy of regulation of recreational zones development in the region PDF
Lyudmila Glavinskaja, Моchammad Ibragim 191-194
Ecological management at fish industry enterprises: organizational aspect PDF
Lyudmila Glavinskaja 195-198
Model of food securety manegment of the region PDF
Viktor Grudinov, Viktor Krisiuk 199-2001
The problems of the service-tradenetwork development of Russian avtoprom PDF
Irina Grudinova, Alexander Orehov 202-205
Characteristic and feature of region transport flows PDF
Irina Grudinova, E.I. Semenov 206-208
The development of fish industry as a factor, securing russian food industry PDF
Tamara Gusarova 209-212
Integration of the enterprises of fur farming in the Kaliningrad region PDF
Andrej Danilenkov 213-217
Practical questions of creation fur farming financial - industrial group in the Kaliningrad region PDF
Andrej Danilenkov, Valeriy Danilenkov 218-221
Features of socio-cultural development of the enterprises in Kaliningrad region PDF
Tamara Zaglada 222-225
State regulation of agrarian business in Ukraine: ecological aspect PDF
Natalija Zinovchuk 226-230
State regulation of business in rural area PDF
Tatjana Zinchuk 231-234
Strategy of enterprise management PDF
Victor Kafidov 235-237
Systematic approach to quality management PDF
Vladimir Kafidov 238-241
The agricultural service cooperatives role in the system of agricultural market infrastructure PDF
Larisa Klimiuk, Vasilij Tkachuk 242-246
Budget as the source of information about organizational goals PDF
Olga Korneva 247-249
Forming of accounting policy in conditions of transmission to international financial reporting standards PDF
Elena Kuimova 250-252
Formation of ecologically oriented regional system management PDF
Sergiy Martynov 253-256
The problem of infrastructure formation of agrarian sector in Ukraine PDF
Liudmila Pavlovskaja 257-260
Dimension of sustainable development PDF
Igory Pogorleckij, Alina Kotenko 261-263
Economy for a person !?! PDF
Nikolaj Sberegaev 264-267
Management of Ukrainian farming development PDF
Oleg Skydan 268-270
Development of stimulation of staff work at meat processing enterprise PDF
Alex Shilenkov 271-273
Organizational aspects of controlling system implementation in the company PDF
Galina Usenkova 274-276
Infrastructure of the external economic activity of Ukrainian agrarian sector PDF
Olga Yatsenko 277-280

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