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Small and medium sized business financing possibilities and peculiarities in rural PDF
Rūta Adamonienė, Daiva Makutėnienė, Jekaterina Trifonova 5-13
Business development in rural regions PDF
Rimantas Dapkus 14-21
Activity expedience of agricultural product processing cooperatives PDF
Audrius Gargasas, Jadvyga Ramanauskienė 22-27
Role of the strategy in the anticrisis management PDF
Victor Kafidov, Vladimir Kafidov 28-34
Sales process structure and selling strategies in wholesaling enterprise: theoretical approach PDF
Aldona Kazragytė, Darius Lipnickas 35-40
Expression of the modern payment for work tendencies in family’s farms PDF
Feliksas Klupšas, Vitalija Vanagienė 41-48
Substantiation usefulness of external audit for agricultural cooperatives PDF
Aurelija Kustienė, Laimutė Kazlauskienė, Gediminas Kuliešis 49-56
Pecularities of the management farmers‘ farm as business organization PDF
Lina Raupelytė, Vytautas Liesionis 57-62
Mechanisms of employees’ behavior formation PDF
Lina Marcinkevičiūtė, Rūta Petrauskienė 63-71
Image formation factors of the trade centres PDF
Pranas Markevičius, Edita Akelienė 72-77
Management of Lithuanian open Baltic fishing fleet in accordance with the multiannual cod re-source management plan PDF
Arina Motova 78-86
Formation of competitive ability in agrarian-industrial complex in market conditions PDF
Oleg Skydan 86-93
Problems of rest time organization in the district municipality PDF
Dalia Perkumienė, Stasė Navasaitienė 94-101
Possibilities of citizens` participation in anage-ment of public administration institutions: cases of Vilnius and Jurbarkas district municipalities PDF
Lina Marcinkevičiūtė, Rūta Petrauskienė 102-109
Customer loyalty formation: relationship marketing aspects PDF
Lina Pilelienė 110-117
strategicality of communical activity in the context of rural development PDF
Vytautas Pilipavičius, Jolanta Vilkevičiūtė 118-125
Quality of service in rural tourism and directions for improvement PDF
Jadvyga Ramanauskienė, Vida Trijonytė 126-133
Motivation mechanism of rural development support of different types of economic activities PDF
Nikolaj Švab 134-140
External factors of organic farming PDF
Virgilijus Skulskis, Vlada Vitunskienė 141-149
Methodological discrepancy between the two approaches in current assets‘ accounting PDF
Dalia Juočiūnienė, Neringa Stončiuvienė 150-159
Protection and legal regulation of cultural heritage in Lithuania and Poland PDF
Jolanta Vilkevičiūtė, Vytautas Pilipavičius 160-165
The environmental pollution fee in Ukrainian agriculture: the problem of using PDF
Natalia Zinovchuck 166-170
Discrimination as a disfunction of relations among the employees PDF
Pranas Žukauskas, Jolita Vveinhardt 171-180

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