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Original Articles

The evaluation of suitability of agricultural consulting methods PDF
Vilma Atkočiūnienė 5-15
Evaluation of sustainable rural development in the European union member states PDF
Alvydas Baležentis, Tomas Baležentis 16-24
Crisis management factors and means in Lithuanian enterprises PDF
Alvydas Baležentis, Juozas Vijeikis 25-33
Transformations of accounting forms at the computerized data technologies PDF
Povilas Domeika 34-44
The identity of regional projects in the rural areas: metodological and menagement aspects PDF
Agnieszka Jaszczak, Wanda Łaguna, Jan Žukovskis 45-51
The practical problems with the valuation of tangible assets in agriculture PDF
Julian Kalinowski 52-57
The public agricultural advice in poland after accession to the European union PDF
Julian Kalinowski 58-65
Economic assessment of technical-engineering measures of water reservoir to reduce biogenic pollution PDF
Juozas Kirstukas 66-73
Grain market forecast up to the year 2020 PDF
Irena Krisčiukaitiene, Salomėja Andrikienė, Aistė Galnaitytė, Andrej Jedik 74-84
Elements of communication of consultants and clients in agricultural consulting companies PDF
Dalia Perkumienė, Aidanas Perkumas 85-93
Modelling the process of personal selling in rural tourism PDF
Lina Pilelienė 94-100
Methodology for assessment of Lithuanian rural tourism farmsteads PDF
Julius Ramanauskas 101-108
The research of corporate social responsibility and organizational culture connection PDF
Ligita Šimanskienė, Jurgita Paužuolienė 109-117
The institutional bases of formation of competitive relations in beekeeping PDF
Oleg Skydan, Olga Yatsenko 118-125
The restrictions of energetic cultures production in Ukrainian PDF
Natalia Zinovchuk 126-132
The changes of the competence of local self-government and local governance institutions in the field of agriculture PDF
Gintaras Žilinskas 133-144

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