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Original Articles

The experience and perspective of the implementation: leader+ programme: the Lithuanian case study PDF
Alvydas Aleksandravičius, Feliksas Klupšas 9-17
The modern social and economic policy of Ukraine: problems of providing for and enhancing of adequate living standards and quality of life PDF
Yuliya Bogoyavlenska, Maria Plotnikova, Eugeniy Khodakivsky 18-26
The social role of the agrarian limited liability companies functioning PDF
Olga Budnik 27-33
The consept sustainable economic development and indicators assessment PDF
Remigijus Čiegis, Ligita Šimanskienė 34-42
Typology of the developmental stages of the Eu common agricultural policy PDF
Jolanta Drozdz, Gediminas Radzevičius 43-52
Theoretical and methodological principles of the functioning of the mechanism of managing socio-economic development in the agrarian sector PDF
Iryna Kravchuk 63-70
The organizational and economic mechanism of hop-growing revival PDF
Natalia Kurovska 71-79
Problems of restructuring of creditor debits at the agticultural enterprises PDF
Vitaly Nitsenko, Alecksey Buluy 80-89
Regional aspects of rural tourism development in the areas with valuable resources: case of warmia and mazury region in Poland PDF
Iwona Polucha, Janas Žukovskis 90-100
To the problem of the level of village social development and rural population life PDF
Tatiana Priymachuk 101-109
Innovation assesment in business projects PDF
Julius Ramanauskas, Audrius Gargasas, Jadvyga Ramanauskienė 110-117
Rural tourism competitive advantage formation based on application of ecological marketing concept PDF
Jadvyga Ramanauskienė 118-128
The institutional and synergetic model of organizational and economic mechanism of forming Ukraine’s agrarian policy PDF
Oleg Skydan 129-136
Factors influencing the demand for ecological food products in Lithuania PDF
Rimantas Stašys, Rasa Etminaite 137-144
The trends of demand for agrichemical enterprises services PDF
Lyudmila Tarasovych 145-154
The problems of rural development policy formation in the context of gender equality providing PDF
Tatyana Zintchuk, Natalia Kutsmus 155-164
The application of the integration businessmarketing strategy at agrarian enterprises PDF
Olena Vlasenko 165-172
The diagnostics of mobbing as discrimination in employee relations aiming to improve the organizational climate in Lithuanian organizations PDF
Jolita Vveinhardt 173-184
The development of agribusiness at the apiculture produce market PDF
Olga Yatsenko 185-195
Application of the formalized expert method for resolution of administrative problems PDF
Vytautas Jonas Žilinskas, Jelena Ziborova 196-205

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