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The image discourse formation of higher educational institutions in Lithuanian media PDF
Birutė Alborovienė, Giedrė Garnienė 5-13
Dynamics of earnings in Lithuanian agricultural sector during the economic downturn PDF
Alvydas Baležentis, Tomas Baležentis, Algimantas Misiūnas 14-22
Application of expert evaluation in the analysis of innovation development factors: assessment of Lithuanian innovative enterprises PDF
Alvydas Baležentis, Martyna Žalimaitė 23-31
Thermal energy potentially to be obtained from the energy wood in final fellings and thinnings of Latvia PDF
Ligita Bite, Kristaps Makovskis 32-40
The role of the local government on the use of firewood in Latvian district heating PDF
Artis Broņka, Andra Zvirbule-Bērziņa 41-48
Systemic improvement of public sector institutions performance management with implementation of quality management methods PDF
Nendrė Černiauskienė 49-57
Macroeconomic indicators system for economic welfare measuring PDF
Remigijus Čiegis, Viktor Kozlovskij 58-65
Agricultural risks and analysis of thier evaluation methods PDF
Laura Girdžiūtė, Astrida Slavickienė 66-77
Development directions for bioenergy regions PDF
Arnis Kalniņš 78-85
The role of renewable energy sources in electricity production PDF
Arnis Kalniņš 86-93
Assesment of land resource operations in Lithuanian farmer‘s farms PDF
Zenonas Kazakevičius 94-103
The analysis of institutional environment of Latvia’s res-e generation PDF
Janis Leikucs 104-112
Potential for the market of biofuel of agricultural origin in Latvia PDF
Arnis Lēnerts 113-119
Influence of shop windows expositions on impulsive buying PDF
Vaida Lukošiūtė, Lina Pilelienė 120-127
The change of the Lithuanian inhabitants‘ attitude towards genetically modified products PDF
Daiva Makutėnienė, Renata Gaivenienė 128-139
The environmetal kuznets curve hypothesis as theoretical aproach in renewable energy promotion in Latvia PDF
Kaspars Naglis-Liepa 140-147
Sustainability assessment of centralised heat supply in Latvian municipalities PDF
Modrite Pelse, Juris Gudevics 148-157
Production of bioenergy under eafrd support in Latvia PDF
Irina Pilvere, Vineta Tetere, Ilze Upite 158-165
The significance of consumers’ informing about organic food products and information sources PDF
Virgilijus Skulskis, Vilija Girgždienė, Birutė Stankaitytė 166-175
Production development of renewable energy sources PDF
Voldemārs Strīķis, Arnis Lēnerts 176-182
The eu common agricultural policy for agricultural and rural development PDF
Ilze Upite, Irina Pilvere 183-190
Impact of economic crisis on activity of Lithuanian forest land market PDF
Vytautas Vaznonis, Simona Siaurusevičiūtė 191-196

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