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Possibilities of asset ratio management using system approach PDF
Iluta Arbidane 7-13
Social infrastructure services access for rural population in alytus district PDF
Vilma Atkočiūnienė 14-21
Peculiarities of family business management PDF
Silvija Bakšytė, Osvaldas Stripeikis 22-30
The evolution and models of rural areas: a sustainable development approach PDF
Alvydas Baležentis 31-38
Integrated assessment of sustainable development: lithuanian case PDF
Remigijus Čiegis, Jolita Ramanauskienė 39-49
E-democracy perspectives in the rural regions PDF
Rimantas Dapkus, Rūta Kmieliauskaitė 50-58
Emigration influence for the youth evolution in the sustainable rural development context PDF
Rimantas Dapkus, Aušra Lisinskienė, Saulius Šukys 59-68
Sustainable development of manufacturing company through organizational culture profile PDF
Algirdas Giedraitis 69-75
Primary health care quality indicators for a more sustainable health care system in Lithuania PDF
Arnoldas Jurgutis, Paula Vainiomäki, Rimantas Stašys 76-86
Environmental aspects in marketing mix PDF
Vytautas Juščius, Deimena Lekavičienė, Jolanta Uktverytė 87-96
Development of rural tourism in Latvia capitalizing on regionally relevant human values PDF
Valters Kaže, Roberts Škapars, Deniss Ščeulovs 97-104
Foreign direct investments impact on competitiveness of enterprises and selected aspects of the polish economy development stability PDF
Roman Kisiel, Wiesława Lizińska 105-111
Culture as an element of sustainable development and urban attraction capacity PDF
Inta Kotāne 112-120
Port development in the context of sustainable development PDF
Audrius Kutkaitis, Jonas Čepinskis 121-129
Expression of the sustainable development concept in Klaipėda seaport logistics organizations PDF
Audrius Kutkaitis, Erika Župerkienė 130-137
Competence based sustainable development: quality of education PDF
Inga Lapiņa, Daira Aramina 138-145
An overview of legislative and institutional barriers of Latvia’s renewable energy production PDF
Jānis Leikučs, Voldemārs Strīķis 146-154
Farm diversification models: causes and tendences PDF
Anna Liscova, Baiba Rivza, Maiga Kruzmetra 155-159
Chosen aspects of sustainable development in Poland with particular focus on agriculture PDF
Renata Marks-Bielska 160-168
Business process reengineering (bpr): future or past of the business? PDF
Justyna Maria Myszak 169-176
Competitiveness of agricultural enterprises in the context of sustainable development policy PDF
Ольга Николюк 177-185
Assessment of rural tourism farmsteads by sustainable development aspect PDF
Julius Ramanauskas, Audrius Gargasas 186-192
Internet banking quality: marketing possibilities and customers’ loyalty PDF
Hermanis Rullis, Biruta Sloka 193-200
Methodological aspects of sustainable development: particularity of Russia PDF
Игорь Сергеев, Татьяна Пономаренко 201-211
Survival opportunities for small business under economic crisis condition in the case of latgale region PDF
Irēna Silineviča 212-219
Planning for sustainable rural development PDF
Олег Скидан 220-226
Analysis of unemployment regulation tools oriented towards labour supply in Lithuania PDF
Henrika Šakienė 227-233
E-environment benefits for Latvian sustainable business development PDF
Deniss Ščeulovs, Elīna Gaile-Sarkane 234-240
Perception of sustainable development concept in organizations PDF
Ligita Šimanskienė, Jurgita Paužuolienė 241-247
Regions in Latvia – current state and perspectives PDF
Vladislavs Vesperis, Anda Jankava 248-255
Relationships between sustainable development of the future corporate ethos and external entities in a globalized economy PDF
Elena Vitkienė 256-264
Efficient communication between a manager and an employee as a way to sustainable development of the contemporary organisation-based on empirical research PDF
Anna Wziątek-Staśko 265-270
Gender issues in public administration in Latvia PDF
Agate Zaķe 271-278
Development of students’ entrepreneurship education in Lithuania PDF
Aurimas Župerka 279-287

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