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Original Articles

Links between management culture and social responsibility in self-governing organization PDF
Regina Andriukaitienė 347-354
Estimation of the efficiency of the Lithuanian family farms via the order-m frontiers PDF
Alvydas Baležentis 355-367
A theoretical assessment impact of economic growth on the income inequality PDF
Remigijus Čiegis, Aidas Dilius 368-375
The assessment of international competitiveness of agricultural sectors PDF
Albertas Gapšys 376-381
Perspectives and trends of Ukrainian sugar industry development PDF
Tatyana Yarchuk 382-390
Evaluation of the effectiveness of the state support for organic farming PDF
Irena Kriščiukaitienė, Virginia Namiotko 391-397
Reasons of students‘ emigration: comparison analysis of Lithuania and Spain PDF
Vilmantė Kumpikaitė-Valiūnienė, Antonio Mihi-Ramírez 398-405
Raining impact on agricultural market participants’ behavior PDF
Edvardas Makšeckas 406-411
Lithuania health insurance system interface with classical social security system model PDF
Rasa Patašienė, Danutė Strazdienė, Nijolė Žaltauskienė 412-423
Corporate social responsibility constituents fragmentary use in Lithuania PDF
Monika Potašinskaitė, Alvyda Draugelytė 424-431
The organizational and economic mechanism of rural entrepreneurship development PDF
Gennadiy Sudak 432-440
Perspective of fast food consumtion in Lithuania PDF
Vilma Tamulienė 441-447
The substantiation of objects for managing the efficiency of cattle breeding producers in Zhytomyr region PDF
Svetlana Vasilenko 448-458
Manufacturing cost calculation of nursery products with ABC accounting model: a case study PDF
Danutė Zinkevičienė, Monika Stravinskaitė 459-471
Sustainable leadership. Review of monograph written by L. Šimanskienė, E. Župerkienė PDF
Audrius Gargasas, Julius Ramanauskas 472-473

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