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Assessment of Lithuania Strategic Planning Documents Sustainability for Enhancing the Employment and Job Places Development in the Rural Regions PDF
Alvydas Aleksandravičius, Asta Raupelienė
Importance of Personal Characteristics of Rural Inhabitans for They Entrepreneurship Activity PDF
Adelė Astromskienė, Audrius Gargasas
Family Farm Efficiency Across Farming Types in Lithuania and its Managerial Implications – Data Envelopment Analysis PDF
Tomas Baležentis, Irena Kriščiukaitienė
Research of Private Sector Credit Development Factors and their Change Trends in Baltic States PDF
Danutė Binkienė, Aušrinė Lakštutienė, Astrida Slavickienė
Sustainable Development of the Cities and the EU Investments Taking Process PDF
Remigijus Čiegis, Aistė Žalevičienė
Trends of Service Quality Improvement for Companies Engaged in Buying Agricultural Production PDF
Audrius Gargasas, Indra Mūgienė
Enterprise Ethics: Does it Guarantee Effective Ethical Managerial Decisions? PDF
Jolita Greblikaitė, Indre Navickaitė
Evolution of an Employee’s Organizational Commitment Concept in Management Science PDF
Žaneta Kavaliauskienė
The Measurement of Transactions Costs: Methodological Issues PDF
Artūras Lakis, Virginia Namiotko
Practical Aspects of Students’ Quality of Life PDF
Iveta Mietule
Application of Neuromarketing Principles in Pricing: Theoretical Aspect PDF
Lina Pilelienė
Agricultural Producers Group – Assimilation of the Best Experience PDF
Julius Ramanauskas, Gediminas Radzevičius, Vytautas Vaznonis
Model of the Assessment of Agriculture Importance and Impact Upon Public Welfare PDF
Sandra Stanytė, Daiva Makutėnienė
Recreational Use of Suburban Areas – Management Aspects in a Case Study of Göttingen (Germany) PDF
Linda Szücs, Agnieszka Jaszczak, Jan Zukovskis
Waymarks of Learning Organization’s Becoming Intellectual Organization PDF
Natalija Šedžiuvienė, Jolita Vveinhardt
Corporate Reputation Measurement at Higher Education Institutions PDF
Miglė Šontaitė
Customer Relationship Management Through Information Technologies PDF
Vilma Tamulienė, Mindaugas Urbas
The Formation of Company Budgeting System: Importance, Problems and Solutions PDF
Marija Vaznonienė, Neringa Stončiuvienė
Minifying of Negative Agricultural Externalities PDF
Bernardas Vaznonis, Vytautas Vaznonis
Emigration from Lithuania – Danger to Family Values PDF
Juozas Vijeikis
Global Economic Crisis And its Transmission Channels: Case Study of the Lithuanian Agricultural Sector PDF
Valerija Vinciūnienė
Subjective Approach to Evaluation of Lithuanian RDP 2007–2013 Support Contribution to Income and Wealth Inequality PDF
Vlada Vitunskienė, Jurgita Baltušienė, Anastasija Novikova
Congruence Between Personal and Organizational Values: Aspects of Perception PDF
Jolita Vveinhardt, Evelina Gulbovaitė
Efficiency Evaluation of Creative Methods in Innovative Organizations PDF
Vytautas Jonas Žilinskas, Jelena Dementjeva

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