Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 38, Number 3

Innovative alternative agricultural formations in Ukraine

Yuriy Kyrylov, Victoriya Hranovska


The impact of globalization and integration on Ukraine’s economy, the search for a competitive model of development under these conditions require the overview of traditional principles of managing branches of the agrarian sector. What are the processes of transformation of forms of managing in agrarian sector of Ukraine, and what areas are promising in terms of global competition? The paper substantiates the necessity of developing innovative alternative agricultural formations in Ukraine. It
formulated their prospects and potentialities of integration into a traditional agribusiness model. A synergy approach is considered a key approach to analyzing the activity of innovative alternative formations. The paper represents the model of organizing and managing an enterprise, which is adapted to the challenges of globalization. It proves that innovative alternative agricultural formations are competitive, adaptable structures. They can be quickly reoriented towards manufacturing new types of products, they meet the demands of consumers at the maximum, constantly improve the system of managing, expenditures, resources and product quality.

JEL Codes: Q12, М11.

Keyword(s): innovative formations, competitive development, model of organization, management, market relations

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