Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 38, Number 3

Comparative advantages in international trade of Ukraine’s agriculture

Nataliia Karasova


In modern conditions, having a significant resource potential, Ukrainian agriculture is capable of providing a stable inflow of foreign currency to the national economy, defining one of the main specializations. Hence, the issue of benefits for the agriculture of Ukraine in foreign trade and the quality of its exports structure becomes relevant. The purpose of the study was to use the cluster analysis of comparative advantages in order to determine Ukraine's place in the global food market and to explore the promising export development directions in the agrarian sector of Ukraine. As a result, a group of products with the existing comparative advantages was determined, and the proposals to expand the range of exports towards increase of the high value-added goods in its structure was justified.

JEL Codes: F14, Q17.

Keyword(s): export, agriculture, comparative advantages, agricultural products

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