Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 35, Number 1

The model of the strengthening agriculture influence to the rural areas develoment

Vilma Atkočiūnienė, Bartas Giedraitis


From the view of the local population and from the whole state in rural areas there are processes of negative changes. The dominant agricultural activity is a strong economic and social base for rural areas to develop. Farming has a very high potential to exploit multifunctional activities and provide multiple outputs. In particular between farming and rural landscapes a strong joint relation can be found. Achieving for a sustainable development, this activity must be evolved with certain principles and rules which helps to manage changes of rural areas. This article presents nowadays rural areas and multifunctional agricultural functions comparison and practice. The research objective was to determine how farmer’s farm joins the aims of multifunctional agriculture and that’s how it positively joins development of the rural area. The research was accomplished in Jurbarkas district and Pagėgiai municipality rural areas. The research results are based on quality research method – structurised survey (21 case and conducted interview with the 21 farmer). Before the survey the scientifical literature analysis was carried out, logical camparison of farm and modern rural areas functions was made. To correctly interpret the research results systemic, graphical analysis methods were used. It was found out that the farmers joins sustainable development of rural area through rural area heritages and cherish traditions, landscape management, biological variety support, incomes from non-farming activities and animal welfare requirements observance. According to results, the model for strengthening of agricultural influence on rural areas development in Jurbarkas district and Pagėgiai municipality was created.

JEL codes: J24, M19, O21.

Keyword(s): influence of agriculture, multifunctional agriculture, nowadays rural functions, the management of change

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