Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 38, Number 2

Farm diversification decision making: case of Lithuania

Jurgita Zaleckienė


The research problem – how to make the best economic diversification decision. It was analyzed in 12 cases – diversified farmer’s farm. It was found that the farm diversification decision was taken usually considering only one possible alternative solution. There was not carried out a complex farm diversification decision alternatives assessment analysis. Decision maker, subject only to those factors which it considered relevant, took the decision. Economy diversification decision was taken in haste. As a result, decision-makers have suffered many losses they had to make an additional investment, to study and to consult. This paper presents proposals to accept supposedly, best farm diversification decision.

JEL Codes: Q12, Q13, Q21.

Keyword(s): diversification, decision-making, the farmer's farm

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