Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 38, Number 2

The methodology of the business processes management in the agricultural insurance market

Oleksandr Vilenchuk


Formation of a favorable investment environment in the market of agricultural insurance is possible with the organization and use of the business processes by insurance companies to provide insurance protection for farmers. The problem of research is the need to increase the motivation of insurers and policyholders to the implementation of the existing interests of their insurance through the mechanism of activation of business processes in the market of agricultural insurance .The objective of research is to justify modern methods of business process management of the insurer for the rational allocation of risks and responsibilities among all the participants of the insurance process. Methodology of research is based on generally accepted methods and techniques of organization and management, interrelated business processes of the insurer from its design till implementation, based on equivalent financial and economic interests of participants of the insurance market. The research results confirm the need for differentiation of concepts "value" and "utility" in the system of insurance relations, as well as the adaptation of the proposed simulation model for managing business processes for all agricultural insurance entities.

JEL Codes: G15, G22, Q13, Q14.

Keyword(s): agricultural risk; business processes management; insurance; insurance market

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