Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 38, Number 2

Entrepreneurship development means in the context of the european social model

Rasa Rukuižienė


The article sets out the overview of the legal documents and reports of European Commission for clarifying the dimensions of entrepreneurship development. The research problem is determined by limiting factors of entrepreneurship development and changes, that lead to the changes of social capital structure. The research aim includes the rethink frame of the strategic entrepreneurial development indicators in the context of the European Social Model. The main scientific findings, by using content and descriptive analysis, are concentrated on entrepreneurship development indicators. Their attachment to different means of entrepreneurial activities are determined by generalisation of the research result, which reveal the activities by using criteria provided in OECD studies in five social welfare models. The entrepreneurship development is growing-up and creating foundation for social entrepreneurship.

JEL Codes: D60, J53, M51, R38.

Keyword(s): entrepreneurial activity, entrepreneurship development strategy, European Social Model, social networking

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