Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 38, Number 2

Staff adaptation and socialization: case of statutory organization

Žaneta Kavaliauskienė, Neringa Lengvenienė


With increasing mobility of employees, it is useful for organizations to understand and properly organize the processes of staff socialization and adaptation, as a result of the process of adaptation is an individual that has been identified in an organization, and characteristics of socialization are inseparable from the understanding of the work tasks, the perception of the role of work, social integration and perception of the culture of an organization. On the domestic and international level, a number of studies have been carried out in order to investigate these processes in the public sector. This article focuses on the case of a statutory organization. Scientific problem – What is the practice employee adaptation and socialization in a statutory organization practice? What factors are significant in the management of these processes to reduce staff change? The purpose of the study – to identify specifics of adaptation and socialization of new employees in a statutory organization. The methodology of the study: after examination of the scientific sources, the research instrument was constructed that integrates the essential parts of processes of adaptation and socialization, and examined the adaptation and socialization of employees while distinguishing the essential factors in the success of mentioned processes.

JEL Codes: L32, M12, M54.

Keyword(s): human resource management, staff adaptation, socialization, statutory organization

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