Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 38, Number 1

Transformation and development of production-logistics enterprises in Ukrainian agrarian economy

Oleksandr Velychko, Liudmyla Velychko, Julius Ramanauskas


What are the processes of transformation and economic development of production-logistics enterprises in agriculture and what conceptual ways for balancing the sphere of agribusiness with steady development of rural areas in Ukraine? Therefore the purpose of the article is the development of strategic directions of post-reform harmonization in development of enterprises in agrarian sphere and rural territorial communities. Based on SWOT-analysis the author’s methodological approach to retrospective systematic estimation of alternatives for transformation production-logistics enterprises has been applied. The research has been carried out on reformed collective agricultural enterprises, 19 agroholdings and 668 cooperatives throughout 1999–2014. Prospective ways and conceptual approaches to harmonization of budget-creating role of agribusiness and social economical role of development of rural area have been suggested.

JEL Codes: L16, O13, P32.

Keyword(s): agricultural business, alternative, cooperatives, corporations, harmonization, reformation, rural areas

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