Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 37, Number 4

Review of the Monograph by Oleksandr Velychko “Logistics in the System of Management of Enterprises in Agrarian Sector of Economy”

Julius Ramanauskas, Rimantas Stašys


The spread of the logistics in the system of management in agrarian enterprises encouraged the formation and development of theoretical, methodological and practical basics of logistical components in agricultural enterprises. Along with that the study of multiple aspects of logistical provision of agrarian business remains a debatable, discussable and actual issue in the scientific sense even today. Therefore, the study of the development of corporative and cooperative agri-logistics is essential under modern conditions. Based on numerous withholding factors of operating in agricultural supplying cooperation in Ukraine and active spread of private-corporate
forms of control over logistical chains in agribusiness this issue requires additional and more profound study.
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