Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 35, Number 1

Strategic planning models of professional organizations in foreign countries

Malvina Arimavičiūtė


Strategic planning process issues and modeling problems are not completely resolved in the scientific literature. Research question: the main principles of the strategy formulation models for separate organizational divisions. Research aim: provide key recommendations of professional organizational strategy formulation models based on the classification of strategic planning models and the analysis of strategic planning models of various professional organizations in foreign countries. This research is based on the methods of scientific literature analysis, systemic analysis, logical comparative analysis, and documentary content analysis. It is determined that the analytical strategy formulation method is the main method used in the strategic plans of the professional organizations, but the models of process interactions are not used at all. In terms of the strategic content, the main strategic goals of the professional organizations are expansion of the activities, transformation, and new policies. Not all organizations are conducting the analysis of the internal and external environments in their strategic plans. It is found that the creative strategic planning formulation method is more suitable for the formulation of the strategic plans of professional organizations. It is suggested that the professional organizations would benefit from the identification of the external and internal environments and consideration of the needs of their stakeholders.

JEL codes: L310, O210.

Keyword(s): context, plan content, planning goal, planning method, strategic plan, strategic planning model

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