Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 37, Number 4

Conceptual outlook to social business development

Stasė Navasaitienė, Rasa Rukuižienė, Elena Kuchko, Irina Levickaya


Social business concept has no clear methodological base, so a great attention is needful on social business development. The main scientific problem in the article is focused on clarification of methodological tools for identification social business development preconditions with the research purpose – the identification of specific typologic attributes of social business for improvement social business development. The monograph and descriptive analysis is applied for overview of scientific references, the content and meta-analysis – for presenting final conceptual explanation about attributes of social business, and the methodological determination – for generalisation and synthesis of the referenced conclusions. The research results reveal the fact, that under the different business model the different financial and social return is available. Therefore, the models of social
business are starting varify in civil economy according social networks, stimulation of partnership and innovation, orientation to inter-sectoral activities.

JEL Codes: H49, H55, O33, P46.

Keyword(s): business model, social business, social entrepreneurship, social values, civil economy

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