Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 37, Number 4

Organizational dynamic capabilities impact on changes in supply chain

Ignas Masteika, Jonas Čepinskis


As global competition is growing at an enormous speed, companies, operating in supply chains of various complexities are forced to look for sources of competitive advantages not only outside, but mostly inside themselves. Numerous sources of scientific literature on the subject propose that namely dynamic capabilities have become one of the most important players in this global competition game. The analysis carried out, revealed that concepts of organizational dynamic  capabilities and supply chain are closely related and affected by one another. This paper proposes a universal model of impact of dynamic capabilities of organizations on changes in the stages of supply chain. The main purpose of the article is to complete a theoretical analysis of supply chain and dynamic capabilities, to create and to verify theoretical model, seeking to identify which organizational dynamic capabilities impact the changes on the stages of supply chain mostly. While carrying out the research the following general research methods have been employed: systematic, comparative and logical analysis of the scientific literature, modeling, focus group, survey (questionnaire interview), grouping and detailing. The core results of the study could be revealed as following: the impact of dynamic capabilities on changes in the stages of supply chain of the examined companies is mostly influenced by: prevailing teamwork and leadership culture; strict regulation of labour relationships and duties, which implies poor significance of sensing and integrating; miscommunication between organization units, the problem of asymmetric information, surplus administrative procedures and other.

JEL Codes: L25, M11, M16.

Keyword(s): dynamic capabilities, supply chain management

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