Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 37, Number 4

Regional model of establishment of startups

Algirdas Giedraitis, Jurgita Kasnauskė


The establishment of startups in regions have many problems, which reasons are not just their versatility and direct links to the innovation, but also and problems of management. This process include synthesis of optimal technology and/or commercialization of innovation in market, fastly growing position and resources continuity. This is reason, why purpose of this research are: after creating regional model of establishment of startups verificate him in Klaipėda region. This research are made of too stage: creating regional model of startups establishment, setting of structural factors and verifying a created regional model trought research of 6 expert's. Created regional model of startups establishment allow combining the regional entrepreneurship of Lithuania and the factors of the external environment compatibility of Klaipeda region. Startups increase competitiveness of regions and give guarantess for work, which reason are their innovativeness, orientation to the rapid growth and requirements of financial guarantees. For more expansive establishment of startups must be disposed identifieded problems and relevant to the gived recommendation to creating a favorable atmosphere of entrepreneurship.

JEL Codes: L22, M13.

Keyword(s): Klaipėda region, establishment, external regional environment, Start up

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