Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 37, Number 3

The performance measurement subjects of the multi profile health care institutions in Lithuania

Kristupas Žegunis


Negative statistical data reported by Euro Health Consumer Powerhouse (EHCP) in 2015 and the recommendations of the Council of the European Union to improve the performance results of the Lithuanian health care system encourages the researchers, policy makers and the practitioners to investigate deeper and to search for the causes that impacted the health care performance. The  significance of the performance measurement and the methodological aims are analysed in the article. The objective of the article is to identify the main problems of the health care performance in Lithuania and to adduce the main aspects of the methodology used for the health care performance measurement purposes. The survey of the multi profile health care institutions confirmed the statistic results presented by EHCP. The key theoretical aspects of the methodological design and alignment are analysed and presented in the article. Scientists acknowledge that versatile methodology of the performance measurement was not established yet and main performance measurement principles should be followed, considering the uniques and the oneness of the investigated region ensuring that all sectors and levels of the health care system are measured.

JEL Codes: I15, I18, I19.

Keyword(s): health care, performance indicators, performance criteria, quality indicators management

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