Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 37, Number 2

Infromative and consultative guidance of Ukrainian agro-industrial complex management

Alla Zhorova, Olena Kalyuzhna


Modern Ukrainian agro industrial production needs some new methods of management. The governing principle is proportionality of the type and scale of consultation to the potential impacts of the proposal or decision being taken, and thought should be given to achieving real engagement rather than merely following bureaucratic process. Consultation forms part of wider engagement and decisions on whether and how to consult should in part depend on the wider scheme of engagement. The purpose of the study is to extend the theoretical justification and organizational and methodological foundations of the agrarian producers’ guidance. The essence and the need for the informative and consultative guidance are revealed. The ways of informative and consultative agrarian system’s guidance improvement are developed. The paper proposes the priority of advisory services’ development is given.

JEL codes: Q10, Q19, M21.

Keyword(s): informative and consultative guidance, agrarian commodity producers, extension services, advisory process

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