Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 37, Number 2

The migration of cloud computing environment processes model

Laima Zalieckaitė, Viktorija Kazakevičiūtė, Vilma Kalinovienė


The paper examines one of cloud computing (CC) issues that is the migration process to the cloud computing environment. The purpose of the paper is to create a cloud computing migration model through the analysis of organization's information resource migration process.The paperuses scientific literature analysis and synthesis, proposes visualization and modeling methods, analysis of the factors and criteria that determine the content of the stages of the migration process. Global information technology (IT) research and IT consulting company studies and experience show that the volume of cloud computing applications is constantly rising. The trend was also observed in Lithuanian context. It was foundthat themarket forcloud computing application scenarioscould be possibly used in different areas: for individual users, small and medium-sized companies, large organizations and the public sector. The above observations demonstrate that the growing number of organizations will use cloud computing model to manage their information resources. The future of cloud computing technology users need to understand migration processes and therefore have a defined migration model.

JEL Code – M15.

Keyword(s): cloud computing, cloud, virtualization processes, migration processes, serviceoriented architecture

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