Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 37, Number 2

Staffing for innovation and investment development ofagro-industrial complex

Olena Shebanina


A modern level of preparation of specialists is the basic condition of possibility for innovative development and economy growth of agro-industrial complex. Exceptionally new connections between a production, science and education are in high demand. The system of regional higher agrarian universities must perform as a generator of innovative scientific ideas and as a realization of innovative-investment projects for development. The analysis of agrarian science potential is conducted and priority industries of investments for peopleware are set. By means of expert method the system of estimation of personnel in agrarian field has been worked out and shaped that takes into account two constituents – intellectual and labour. Each employee except professional qualities must have a capacity for the innovative thinking. The new approaches to the personnel selection will allow activating innovative activities of enterprises.

JEL Codes: I25, M12.

Keyword(s): agricultural education, highly-skilled specialists, human capacity, innovation and investment projects, innovative development

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