Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 37, Number 2

Conceptual model for the regions’ transformation to smart ones

Rimantas Dapkus, Aušra Ona Kuleševičiūtė


The article focus on problems of transforming undeveloped regions to smart ones, while pay attention to specific characteristics of the region and synergy of different characteristics. The aim of the article is to prepare the conceptual model based on the most important characteristics of the place-based strategy. This model can be used to identify unique characteristics of a region and improve competitiveness. The proposed conceptual model and argued importance of its elements for sustainable growth of undeveloped regions. Results can be used to prepare an innovative strategy for the regional development, which may strengthen the competitiveness of the region, ensure sustainable development and can be as a tool for the modern public governing.

JEL codes: R11, R58, O11, O38, P21, P25.

Keyword(s): undeveloped region, development, place-based strategy, competitiveness, strategic management, smart region, public governing

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