Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 37, Number 1

Farm diversification decision-making stages

Jurgita Zaleckienė


That the farmer's decision to diversify the farm will achieve its objectives, it must be properly designed. Modeling of farm diversification decision–making is a scientific problem, because tests of the farm diversification decision realization are not common in the scientific literature. It is achieved article aim – identified the main farm’s diversification decision–making stages. The expert survey was used to check the theoretical diversification farmer’s decision–making model. 14 experts were interviewed. The study found that the farm diversification objectives connection with identified opportunities in external environment or with farm exploitation creates preconditions for farm development. Expert interviews helped identify new formulation methods of farm diversification solution alternatives. The farm diversification decision alternatives are important to assess according to following criteria: decision outside feasibility, internal feasibility, synergies, riskiness. Learning should become a permanent process.

JEL codes: O13, O21, Q12.

Keyword(s): decision modeling, partial farmer’s solution, farmer, farm diversification decision

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