Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 36, Number 4

Ways of improvement of Non-tariff measures of international trade regulation

Ganna Solodkovska, Viktoria Olefirenko


The unequal development of individual countries, the economic and political crises, deepening of foreign economic relations have led to the fact that tariffs often do not provide the necessary level of national markets protection. As a result, countries governments are turning to the use of nontariff regulation. And the range of instruments of non-tariff measures of international trade regulation is constantly expanding. Therefore the study of non-tariff measures in the system of state regulation of international trade is vital and that of a current interest. The purpose of this paper is to improve the development of measures of non-tariff regulation of international trade. In this study authors used such scientific methods as system analysis, the grouping method, the method of comparative analysis and statistical method. This article determines the main problems of non-tariff regulation in the global trading system and proposes the ways of their solution. The conducted studies will help to organize the effective regulation of countries foreign economic activity. Therefore, the results of the research can be used for further theoretical research in the field of international trade.

JEL Code – F13.

Keyword(s): quantitative restrictions, non-tariff measures, non-tariff protectionism, pre-shipment inspection, measures, technical barriers to trade, price-based measures

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