Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 36, Number 4

Scientific and educational support of agrarian.sector in Ukraine

Konstantin Samoylenko


Providing innovative development of the agrarian economy under conditions of global modernization is impossible without the existence of a powerful source of new ideas and technologies for agribusiness. The aim of the study is to identify the problems hindering the development of the innovative capacity of the university’s agrarian science in Ukraine. The study used data from the monitoring 15 major agricultural universities in Ukraine in 2011–2013. Thus the special attention is paid to the issue of the level of development of their research activities. As a result the groups of institutional, axiological and economic-convergence problems in the scientific and educational provision of agricultural production and rural development are identified. It creates opportunities to improve the efficiency of the target efficiency of organizational and methodological assistance of the Government to agricultural universities in the subsequent reform of the national scientific and educational complex.

JEL Codes: I23, Q18.

Keyword(s): agrarian economy, innovative development, the system of scientific and educational support

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