Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 36, Number 4

Innovative character of rural territories social potential realization

Maria Plotnikova


The availability of disproportions and asymmetries in rural territories development owing to the absence of the system approach in management caused degradation of the grounds, problems of demographic and economic character, as well as cultural historical preconditions for restoration and harmonious village development what made for the choice of research theme. The research aim is the search and substantiation of directions and mechanisms of rural territories revival on the basis of their sustainable development and the self-reliance of industrial, socio-economic and ecological activity. Theoretical base of the research is formal theory of economic systems, which reflects the application of a systemic approach to modeling the economic objects. The estimation of modern development of agriculture status is given. The features of regional and national rural development in Ukraine are pointed out. The dynamics of modern tendencies and priorities of national agrarian policy in this direction are educed. The attention is emphasized on the demographic constituent of rural development in Ukraine. The problems of employment and unemployment in rural area are exposed. The reasons and the consequences of decline in employment and reduction of rural population size are revealed. The specific character of organizing and functioning of ecological settlements in Ukraine is defined. The perspective of this direction of rural territories development is assessed.

JEL Codes: C38, E24, J08, O3, Р28, Q18, D83, J53, Q01.

Keyword(s): investments, innovations, cosial management, development of rural territories

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