Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 36, Number 4

Institutionalization of feed market: legal aspects

Iryna Petrychenko


Institutional environment determines the development of the market of feed, play a pivotal role on legal regulation, as the fundamental, which stimulates the formation and effective functioning of the economic system and its structural and sectoral subsystems. Purpose – theoretical and practical study of institutional determinants of development of the market of feed and rationale regulatory priority directions of its transformation. Analysis performed on the basis of scientific and special methods of economic research. The basic definition, subsystems and elements, subjects and objects of the process, institutional imperatives and objectives, proposed copyright concept of "institutionalization of feed market". Conclusions regarding the importance of institutionalizing the feed market in a systematic manner; improvement of normative legal regulation of the market and the harmonization of legislation with EU standards.

JEL Code – O43.

Keyword(s): feed market, feed production industry, institutionalization, formal and informal institutes, legal regulation

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