Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 36, Number 4

Small and large farms in the republic of Moldova: trends and perspectives

Victor Moroz, Anatolie Ignat, Eugenia Lucasenco


In recent years the Republic of Moldova has implemented a set of reforms in order to increase the efficiency of agricultural production. The main purpose of this paper is to highlight economic  advantages and disadvantages of large and small scale farms, and also to focus on the multidimensional role of the small scale farming for rural areas. The methodology used in the article is based on analysis of statistical data, as well as on results of relevant qualitative and quantitative surveys. The main expected results of this paper lay in the proposals of ways in which agriculture can make a contribution to the vibrancy of rural communities from the Republic of Moldova.

JEL codes: O13, Q15, Q18.

Keyword(s): agriculture, development, large farms, modernization, small scale farms

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