Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 36, Number 4

The role of local authorities in the development relational capital: rural schools perspective

Regina Lenart


Since the late 90s of last century, a small primary schools, including rural schools are closed. Originally intended this effect: shortening of primary education (transformation of the eight schools in six school classes), demographic, and transfer of schools to local government units. This means that the management of schools should use management methods. The article states that the relational capital can be a factor for competitiveness and success of the school. The article presents the results of interviews with experts affiliated to the Silesian Cluster of Education. The aim of study was to identify ways to build competitive educational institutions. Each of the respondents in their statements drew attention to the importance of building relationships and cooperation with the environment. Studies show, however, the lack of preparedness of schools to build partnerships and relationships with the environment.

JEL codes: M19, M38, Z18.

Keyword(s): education, collaboration, local territorial units, relational capital, school

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