Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 36, Number 4

Changes in the Romanian agrifood trade competitiveness in the post-accession period

Camelia Gavrilescu, Dan-Marius Voicilaş


Romania’s accession to the EU meant a significant increase in the country’s agrifood trade, both with the EU member states and with the extra-EU partners. The objective of this paper is to examine the changes in the value, directions and competitiveness of Romanian agrifood trade in the last 25  years, with special focus on the post-accession period. The paper is examining the changes in the competitiveness of the Romanian intra- and extra-EU agrifood trade, for the 24 groups of agrifood products defined under the HS (Harmonized System – HS 01-24), aggregated at 2-digit level, using Gehlhar and Pick classification in price and non-price competition. The country’s position among the other EU member countries in terms of values, quantities and directions of the trade flows was examined, as well.

JEL codes: Q17, F14.

Keyword(s): foreign trade, agriculture, competitiveness

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