Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 36, Number 4

The sustainable development of the knowledge based economy in Lithuania

Aurelija Čižauskaitė-Butkaliuk


In this century the management of the country is in a dynamic, multiplicity and controversial environment. For their competitiveness is necessary to look for the interaction between the knowledgebased economy and the sustainable development. A strong correlation between those objects.forces scientists to analyze, create new evaluation methodologies. The aim of this study – to examine the role of importance between knowledge–based economy and sustainable development, create and calculate an integrated sustainable knowledge–based economy index of Lithuania and according to the results or research, make proposes for more effective development of Lithuania’s sustainable knowledge–based economy. The index consists of Socio-economic, environmental, innovation, human resources and information and communications technology sub–indices..The calculation showed that the development of a knowledge–based economy is not sustainable, because not all the development of sub– the same. The biggest positive changes taking place in information and communication technology, and negative – socio-economic areas. The sustainable development of the knowledge–based economy in Lithuania since 2010 is growing up.

JEL codes: O1, O2, O3.

Keyword(s): knowledge based economy, sustainable development, integrated index

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