Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 36, Number 2

Service delivery for collection of solid municipal waste in the individual households in Ukraine

Oleksandra Orel


The technology of agricultural production is one of the reasons of environmental problems in rural areas. Environmental problems are intensified because of accumulation of waste and usage of non-ecological methods for its recycling. The purpose of this publication is the formation of a clear organizational mechanism that is able to solve the environmental problems of the individual households. The abstract-logical and interview methods were used. During the scientific research the main environmental problems of individual households are determined. The influence of agricultural production technologies on the environment is developed. The recommendations to use the methods of collection the solid municipal waste in rural areas as a form to solve the problems of ecodeconstructive waste treatment are given.

JEL codes: Q55, Q57.

Keyword(s): ecological services, environmental problems, individual households, solid municipal waste

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