Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 36, Number 3

Socially responsible marketing impact to organizations implementing socially responsibility

Jurgita Paužuolienė, Daiva Viningienė


This, article analyze the social responsible marketing, its benefits and importance of organizations implementing social responsibility. Social marketing is defined as an ethical corporate governance orientation in order to meet the needs of the public, consistent with the public interest. Research problem: what impact and how social responsible marketing makes for organizations implementing social responsibility. Aim of the research. Analyze the impact of social responsible marketing, providing examples of the organizations implementing social responsibility, benefits and importance. Research methods: literature analysis, synthesis, documents analyze. Social responsible organizations examples illustrate how organizations integrate their activities in a social responsible marketing. Emphasis, that social responsible marketing impact on social responsible organization's image, reputation, customer satisfaction with the service / product.

JEL Codes: L00, M39, M30, M14.

Keyword(s): organization, image, social responsible marketing, social responsibility

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