Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 36, Number 3

Conceptual models of emergency management

Rimantas Stašys, Gintautas Virketis


The essence of emergency medical assistance management comprise: accident and disease prevention, preparation to act in case of accident or disease, quick response and treatment. The point of entire emergency assistance management is to reduce the number of deaths and disabil ty. The purpose of research is to review the components of emergency medical assistance, generalise and teoretically compare the emergency medical assistance management models, which are used worldwide. For evaluation of emergency medical assistance structure, there are used systematic given practice regulating documentation analysis, general and logical analysis of scientific publications. Seeking to ascertain an amount of emergency consultative assistance and to predict a tendency of development there are used statistical processing of data, comparison and summation. It were observed, that during 2009–2013 years, the amount of emergency consultative assistance increased but volume of specialized emergency consultative assistance decreased. Anglo-american and Franco- german model suitability in Lithuanian health care system depends on complexity or particularity of accidents, availablility of human resources and also respective infrastructure.

JEL codes: I11, I12, I18.

Keyword(s): emergency care, emergency care management

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