Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 36, Number 3

Assessment of the agricultural activity in the EU-27 countries

Vaida Šapolaitė


The rational use of land, capital and labor determine the growth of economic efficiency of agricultural production and income of farmers together. The aim is to estimate the use of production resources in the EU-27 agricultural sector, using macro-economic indicators. The analysis and assessment of the use of land resources in agriculture have been conducted on the basis of data on economic accounts for agriculture and agricultural census to describe agricultural production intensity by type of farming and its impact on farm income. This paper examines the use of land resources in agriculture, measured by using relative indicators of agricultural output, intermediate consumption per hectare of agricultural land, the revenue per average employee and the comparative analysis these indicators in the farms of the European Union (EU) is presented.

JEL code: E25, Q10, Q14, O13, O40.

Keyword(s): income per capita, value added, production, economic accounts for agriculture

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