Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 36, Number 3

Conceptual principles of competitiveness of enterprises

Olga Nykolyuk


The transformation of modern scientific paradigm requires the adaptation of traditional theories of the firm competitiveness to new economic conditions. The aim of the study is to develop conceptual principles of enterprise’s competitiveness management, which are based on the definition of this term and includes a system of principles, functions, models and management mechanism. Formation of the concept involves the use of systematic approach to research. Principles of management by enterprise's competitiveness are allocated based on purpose of management, managed, managing systems and their interaction. Functions are determined by following stages: achieving the goals, developing of management system, aims to ensure competitiveness, characteristic of administrative actions. Model of control the competitiveness reflects the flows of management information and control system (administration unit) and manageable (economic process of the enterprise). Control mechanism includes appropriate methods (economic and psychological), levers (price, quality, brand, branding, logo, motto) and incentives (economic, moral, administrative, creative).

JEL Codes: D40, L26, B41.

Keyword(s): competitiveness of enterprises, functional model of competitiveness management, management functions, management mechanism of competitiveness,s management principles

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