Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 36, Number 3

Social entrepreneurship as an innovative solution mechanism of social problems of society

Irina Kostetska, Ivanna Berezyak


For each country, regardless of its socio and economic development, one of the main key indicators of success is the social stability of society. That is why the use in practice of such innovation to our society as a social technology social entrepreneurship became actual. The aim of the paper is theoretical and methodological grounding of necessity and feasibility of using social entrepreneurship as a generator of socially oriented economic development and the development of practical recommendations for implementation and development in Ukraine. The methodological basis of the study were theoretical methods of scientific knowledge, the use of which has made it possible to reveal the wider possibilities of social entrepreneurship in solving the social problems. According to the results of the study it can be stated that social entrepreneurship as a social innovation has found its niche and its place in the new information and innovation, innovation economy and continues to gain momentum. In Ukraine, such a business can set a goal of occupational therapy, social rehabilitation, and introduction new mechanisms in order to solve these social problems. Based on a systematic approach to the problems of integration of social enterprises in the economy of Ukraine was founded that for further development of the state should provide favorable conditions, in particular, to establish the legal and tax conditions for the creation of social enterprises, to realize favorable form of systemic interaction between government, business and citizens, to create favorable institutional environment for social enterprises.

JEL Codes: Н80, М14.

Keyword(s): social entrepreneurship, social innovation, social goals, social enterprises

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