Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 36, Number 3

Modernization of developmental agricultural holdings of Podlasie province

Zofia Koloszko-Chomentowska


In this paper, the effects of modernization activities in developmental agricultural holdings in the Podlasie voivodeship are analyzed. The research material was constituted by agricultural holdings participating in FADN. Analysis of agricultural holdings in the years 2011–2012 indicated an advancing process of strengthening of units with high production potential and capable of expanded reproduction. Growth of the technical development of land and work at these holdings took place during the studied period. In 2012, a reduction of most economic indices took place as a result of worsening of production conditions. The value of completed investments and the structure of their financing indicates a renewal of investment activities. Preferential loans were the most important external source of financing and the main stimulator of modernization. All studied holdings took advantage of this option. Supporting them with public funds is very much justified.

JEL codes: Q12, Q14.

Keyword(s): development, family farm, investment, modernization

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