Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 36, Number 3

The integration of corporate social responsibility activities into the value creation model in pricing

Deimena Kiyak, Agnė Šneiderienė


Consumers are more concerned about the surrounding environment and they take into account the social side of enterprises while making consumption decisions. It should be emphasized, that it becomes important for companies’ to revise the process of value creation development, to assess the need of consumers’ participation in the value creation process, to determine the potential mutual benefits. In this way, there is highlighted the link between consumers’ and business enterprises co-operation; that is especially important when the products of socially responsible companies’ are analyzed. The concept of product value is quite often investigated in scientific literature, but there is a lack of research that emphasizes twofold interpretations’ of the value concept. Also, there is noticed a lack of examination of how corporate social responsibility can create perceived value for consumers. It must be stated, that there remains a problem how to integrate the value creation of socially responsible companies products in the pricing process. The aim of the article – after analyzing how socially responsible companies’ can create value of their products, investigating the differences of twofold value concept, identifying the stages of value creation, to establish a model how to integrate the value creation into the pricing process.

JEL Codes: L11; M14; M39; E21.

Keyword(s): customer value, corporate social responsibility, consumer perceived value, pricing

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