Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 36, Number 3

Consumers perceived insurance price survey

Deimena Kiyak, Linara Pranckevičiūtė


In order to increase the demand for insurance services in Lithuania remains a pressing problem to reveal how consumers perceive this service, which characteristic of the insurance products they emphasizes. The aim of the research – exam the consumer attitudes to non-life insurance prices and determine their perceived quality for insurance products as the insurance products value. It was established that consumers selecting an insurance company to insure focus not only on price but also on other factors – fast service, good claim compensation, insurance service after purchase, a high level personnel. Meanwhile, factors such as nice and modern office, Lithuanian capital company, loyalty to the same company, famous brand and the emotional satisfaction after the purchase of  insurance by the users have been identified as less important when choosing in which insurance company to purchase the insurance products.

JEL Codes: D46, G22, E30, L11.

Keyword(s): non-life insurance products, price, consumer’s perceived value

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