Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 36, Number 3

The comparison of entrepreneurship ability of dairy farms in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland

Andrej Jedik, Aldona Stalgienė, Marju Aamisepp, Valda Bratka, Marcin Zekalo


According to the agricultural Census data, dairy farms with less than 20 cows (small-scale dairy farms) have the biggest share of dairy farms structure in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland. It leads to the importance of entrepreneurship ability evaluation in small-scale farms among these countries. However, there are no researches about comparison of entrepreneurship ability of small-scale farms among mentioned countries. The article investigates a comparison of the farmers’ entrepreneurship ability in small-scale dairy farms in mentioned countries by using distribution terms. The aim of the article is to perform calculations of small-scale dairy farms’ entrepreneurship ability for each country, give comparison analysis of the data among countries and estimate fitted distributions of entrepreneurship ability for further modelling purposes. The entrepreneurship ability and fitted distributions are evaluated by using optimization methods. The complex comparison method is also provided to show the general situation of the dairy farms in the selected countries. The results of the investigation show that Poland takes relatively the best position in the dairy farms’ economy. Latvia and Estonia take up relatively weaker positions. The calculation of the entrepreneurship indicators for each country shows that Estonian farmers have the highest entrepreneurship ability level. Two third of Estonian small-scale dairy farms’ correspond the entrepreneurship of 0.8 and a higher level. Latvian, Lithuanian and Polish dairy farms’ owners have similar average entrepreneurship ability (0.6–0.7) with different standard deviations. The best fitted distributions for all countries are normal and truncated normal distributions.

JEL codes: C44, Q12, L26, R51.

Keyword(s): complex comparison, distribution, entrepreneurship, optimization, small-scale dairy farm

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