Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 36, Number 3

Technology-based curriculum features of education and business organizations

Sigitas Daukilas, Judita Kasperiūnienė


Integrating technology-based learning tools into business and educational institutions, it is important to identify epistemological differences that are preconditioned by the circumstances of interactive and high-quality cognition. The research was carried out aiming to reveal the aspects between the pedagogical and andragogical interaction applying technology-based learning tools in business and educational institutions. Studies have shown that in business organizations and educational institutions differences in curriculum cognition are due to the interactive, high-quality, technology- based forms of studies. Personalization elements and enhancement of cognitive knowledge warrant an interactive technology-based curriculum in educational institutions at cognitive, emotional, sensual and practical perception levels. Business organizations give priority to cognitive form of perception that is often realized by adults applying the elements of reflective and experiential learning. Technology-based curriculum for adult education can be impersonalized.

JEL codes: I20, G32.

Keyword(s): technology- based learning, technology -based curriculum, epistemology, adult education, andragogy

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